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Core Muzic offers bands, musicians, Aritsts, record labels and Djs the ability to sell their music through the main international digital retailers. Core Muzic functions as an interface between rights owners / labels and digital retailers (Download, Streaming), e.g. iTunes, Musicload, Amazon, Napster, Djshop, eMusic, Vodafone. Core Muzic offers non-exclusive deals to musicians and labels who retain full rights to their music.
Core Muzic is a digital music distributor for independent artists aiming to maximize their music career’s exposure & revenue. We deliver music to 30+ stores and sites like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc. We work with the largest music services on the planet, and provide unlimited distribution to thousands of artists.
We are true believers in artists owning their own brand. Core Muzic Co., Ltd was built to ensure independent artists, Musicians, Record Labels receive high quality music distribution for an affordable price. We provide artists with full control over their releases & total transparency on their sales and performance data. Our distribution portal all artist & labels to distribute their music to hundreds of digital service providers in nearly every territory in the world. Our users maintain 100% control of their copyrights & receive 75% of their store earnings.
We supply all of our users with unlimited digital distribution to all of our partners, an automated royalty & earning accounting system, comprehensive digital catalog management tools, downloadable earnings reports and analytics on their release’s performances. For select users, we offer editorial & promotion opportunities, monetary advances, radio & PR pitching, sync & film pitching, production support and other services on a case by case basis.